Wave Stacking Rings


Can't choose. Won't choose. And why should you when you don't have to?

The flexibility of stacking rings is why they are so great. Wear them thick or wear them thin. Stacking up many fine rings gives you a completely different look than stacking up only 2 or 3 rings at a time. You can choose to start with just one ring, or a set of three to give you the pictured look, or go big and colourful and select as many stacking rings as you can fit on your fingers!

Each of the rings is 1mm wide. The straight style is easy to wear with other rings in your collection, or even as a keeper ring. The Wave style ring is made of two 1mm wide rings. The base ring is soldered to the wave, so that the wave sits slightly proud and fits neatly over any other stacking rings you choose to wear that day. 

These also make excellent gifts - it's a collection that can be built up over time, so you'll never be stuck for a gift again. Add another gold ring, that's never going to make anyone sad!

Use the drop down menus to customise your look to exactly what you want. Select the material, size, style and finish for one ring at a time, add to cart and then the next, until you have the set you're after. There's endless variations, so have fun with it, it's what stacking rings are all about!

You can change the quantity at checkout.