Lace Embossed Unisex Ring


Hand embossed with lace, each ring is patterned with a unique print, never to be repeated. Choose from silver, white, yellow or red gold.

The texture is rich and rippling in the surface of the gold or silver, almost like tree bark, you just have to touch. Such a tactile surface feels pleasant against your skin, and as the embossing process recesses the pattern into the surface of the ring, there are no uncomforatable lumps or bumps to dig in. The process destroys the lace, so I couldn't exactly repeat a pattern if I wanted to. 

1mm thick and 5mm wide, the lace embossed rings are a subtle statement ring worn alone, and look really effective on female and male hands alike. 

"the wonderful. I'm sure I will get complimentary comments"

These rings make beautiful wedding bands in 18ct gold, or silver. Sizes J to T are accounted for in the drop down menu, but for any other size please get in touch for a quote. As each piece is hand made, I can customise this design for you. if you would prefer a thinner, or thicker band. I can also add personalised detail and stones. 

Get in touch for more information.

The perfect choice for an unusual piece, easy to wear for men and women. Customise your ring with the drop down menus. You can adjust quantities at checkout. 


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Torchon Lace Adjustable Ring

Torchon Lace Adjustable Ring

Hand worked Torchon lace in fine silver is set into a strong sterling silver frame.


Bespoke Design Consultation

Bespoke Design Consultation

If you can imagine it, it can be made