Remember Ring®


Remember Ring®. One year, one ring. The growth chart like no other. 

Do you remember the first time I held your hand little one? 

The Remember Ring® is your golden memory made real. A moment in time recorded in a wearable, unique record of your child’s growth that you can keep with you every day, everywhere you go.
The first time I held my tiny daughter in my arms my life changed. That tidal wave of love engulfs you and overrides everything else. Then she changed, and changed fast. I will never forget that first moment, but how many of us can honestly say we know just how tiny our children really were?
Height charts are one way, but we move house over the years, and that doorframe, with its notches, stays where it is.

Each Remember Ring® necklace is built up over the years as your child grows, so each piece is unique to you and your family.
When your baby is born and you commission your very first tiny ring, you receive a pack with a questionnaire, a soft ribbon and instructions on how to measure a miniature finger.
Send this back and the next thing you receive is your gold ring, strung on an 18" solid gold spiga chain. What could be more perfect as a new Mum gift?
The following year measure again, commission your second ring and see just how much your little one has grown.
Each ring arrives with a record card, with name, exact age, and ring diameter.

As time passes you collect rings, resulting in the ideal 18th birthday present, not to mention quite a hefty weight in gold.

Will Mum let go of this precious piece though? Probably not, so duplicate rings can be ordered each year. One for Mum or Dad to wear, one to keep for your little one.
You can choose from different coloured golds, and different finishes, so if you have more than one child, you could choose yellow gold for one, white gold for another, and red gold for another; or hammered finish for one, brushed for another and mirror polished for another. The necklace is flexible to suit your needs.
These pieces can also be made using recycled heirlooms that are either broken or left in a drawer. Perhaps Great Granny’s wedding ring can be re-purposed as a Remember Ring®, and revitalised for the 21st century.

Age categories in the drop down menu are in years.



This is not children’s jewellery and must never be put on a child’s finger under the age of 5 years, over the age of 6 years only with adult supervision at all times. No child should ever wear a Remember Ring® as a fashion accessory, without adult supervision and for any length of time longer than to try it on, if aged 6 years or over, with an adult. The Remember Ring® is a fine jewellery product intended for adult use only.

Photography: Tamsin Francesca Jewellery & Harriet Langsbury for Shop with Rockin' 


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