Beechnut The Sleepy Dormouse Locket


Beechnut The Sleepy Dormouse, in her hand crocheted fine silver nest, is encircled by protective beech leaves.  A charming, meaningful necklace for all nature lovers.

Each leaf is hand embossed with lace, giving the surface a rich but subtle texture like the crumpled leaves that keep little dormice warm through winter. Three leaves can rotate around Beechnut as she sleeps, so when you wear your locket, she is your secret, kept safe until you choose to open the beech leaves to reveal her in her crocheted wire nest. Snug as a, well, dormouse in a nest!

This is a truly special wildlife jewellery collection. Each little dormouse is cast from the original 6mm sculpture, which was hand sculpted with a sewing needle. You can see the make on Instagram. And it's wildlife jewellery with a purpose as 10% of all profits from the Cobnut Collection go directly to British wildlife conservation projects around the UK. You can nominate your prefered charity in the drop down menu, or if you prefer leave it to me to choose. Either way, by choosing a Cobnut piece, you are helping British wildlife to thrive. 

The ideal luxury gift for any wildlife lover - we're not always covered in mud you know! With fine wildlife jewellery you can keep a bit of that magic of your wild adventures with you everyday.

Dimensions W 10mm/1cm, L 17mm/1.7cm.    Chain length 20" / 48cm

Available in silver, 9ct or 18ct gold. Select from the drop down menu. 

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Cobnut The Sleepy Dormouse

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