Torchon Lace Falling Leaves Earrings


The handworked lace catches the light as the earrings move, making them sparkle. Delicate as a falling leaf in Autumn.

If you prefer movement in your earrings these are the perfect alternative to the Torchon Lace Studs. Wear with the Torchon Lace Pendant for a delicate look, or with Torchon Lace Continuous Necklace for a bolder effect. Each earring is hand worked Torchon lace in either fine silver or fine gold wire. The fine wire I use is either 0.2mm or 0.25mm, which allows me to manipulate hard metal with a time honoured traditional textile technique. It is said that fishermen, thousands of years ago, were the first to develop the skills of interweaving threads whilst making their nets. And now in the 21st century, from those humble beginnings, I make Torchon lace in solid precious metals.

The open nature of lace work allows me to create larger pieces that remain comfortable and light to wear. Each hand worked torchon lace panel is set within a sterling silver or gold frame, helping to hold the lace under tension and giving the piece strength. Lace jewellery brings a touch of luxe to our daily lives.

Available in 18ct gold, 9ct gold or sterling silver.

Dimensions of the lace leaf: 2.3cm x 1.8cm, 3cm drop.

The Torchon Lace Collection also makes an excellent choice for the contemporary bride. As the collection mixes and matches easily the whole bridal party can co-ordinate, without being the same. Perhaps the bride herself has chosen the statement Torchon Continuous Lace Necklace, and gifts these earrings to each of her bridesmaids. Available in silver or gold, there's a pair to suit each personality. Perhaps the mother of the bride can choose the solid gold, because, well, she's Mum. Not forgetting the groomsmen, a subtle variation on the theme gives them each Lace Embossed Cufflinks as a memento of the wedding day.

Explore the Torchon Lace Collection to complete your look. Lace jewellery brings your bridal style the ultimate luxury.

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