Élan Orchid Bridal Tiara


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The Orchid Bridal Tiara is the new bridal tiara. This piece may be new for you on your big day, but one day it will be passed down as a treasured family heirloom.

Your wedding day is the one day in our lives when most of us can legitimately wear a tiara, so make it a special one, something unique.

This beautiful Orchid Tiara is the crowning glory to your wedding dress. On your wedding day make your bridal jewellery as stunning as your wedding dress. Marry with the Élan Curved Studs and Orchid Pendant for a full floral look, or the Élan Continuous Link Bracelet and Élan Interlinked Necklace for a delicately feminine look.

Made from sterling silver and fine silver, no-one will doubt it's your big day when you make your entrance like Royalty.

H 5.5cm at peak

Ref: TO

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