Tamsin Francesca’s interest in lace making began when she discovered that within her own family history she was related to traditionally skilled lace makers. 

As a jeweller, her interest in the traditional craft developed and she taught herself the techniques that her ancestors had used, and through learning traditional methods she was able to create her own contemporary technique, using metal thread for a modern twist on a time-honoured skill.

Tamsin Francesca's designs exploit the versatile flexibility of the gold, silver and bronze thread she uses, which allows it to be twisted and manipulated into the most delicate forms, and yet retain its strength and durability to be worn everyday.

Her interest lies in the intricacy of the traditional textile techniques used in the lace work which can be married with the jeweller’s skill and craft to create truly unique pieces.

Tamsin Francesca’s work is not subtle in its size, as her bold signature pieces are designed to stand out. Yet, the lacework married with the skill of the jeweller makes each piece individual and delicate, giving the pieces a lightness of weight not normally found in larger scale jewellery.

Tamsin Francesca has travelled in exotic places, many of which have been used to inspire her jewellery designs. During her travels in India she worked extensively with International Sanctuary, who rehabilitate women and girls rescued from human trafficking. Working in conjunction with the organisation she taught women jewellery making skills enabling them to be self sufficient and gain their independence once again.

Tamsin Francesca remains strongly linked with International Sanctuary and donates 10% of all sales to aid their work in India.

Tamsin Francesca’s education is based in Costume Design, and Jewellery and Silversmithing, which she studied in Plymouth and London. She has shown her work at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Goldsmiths' Hall, London and her work is stocked nationally and internationally.